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David Bowie, The Hunt by Markus Klinko

David Bowie, The Hunt by Markus Klinko

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Chromogenic (C-print)


Edition Size: Refer 'Details' section.

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Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Printed by Weldon Color Lab on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper (chromogenic print)


  • Small Format: Limited to 50
  • Medium Format: Limited to 25
  • Large Format: Limited to 12


  • Small Format: 61.0cm x 49.0cm
  • Medium Format: 101.6cm x 80.9cm
  • Large Format: 152.4cm x 120.8cm

Good To Know: Printed to order, artwork is shipped directly from the artist’s studio

Series: Bowie Unseen

Arty-Fact: “I called up to David and asked him if he would trust me with creating a series of complex photocompositions, using a body double and several wild wolves. He immediately loved that idea, and said that I had carte blanche. My agent called the modelling agencies, and I decided on a young guy who had very much the stature and body shape of Bowie.

“Next, I needed to find a bunch of wild wolves and get them to my Soho studio. Luckily, a prominent handler of wild animals for film and photo shoots was a huge David Bowie fan and agreed to bring the gorgeous beasts to New York. Our male model proved himself quite brave, as he worked it with the energetic and sometimes aggressive wolves. While his face looked nothing like Bowie, he was able to channel him through his body language. The images of David from the Heathen session and the shots of the body model and wolves were later combined by my post-production studio and have since become a favourite in GQ’s iconic history.” ~ Markus Klinko

Source: “How we photographed David Bowie with wild wolves” by Markus Klinko, GQ Magazine, 2002

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