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Pablo Siquier Biography

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1961. Part of a generation of artists who emerged at the end of the Argentine military dictatorship. His abstract black and white works resist historical context and interpretation and remain silent. The city is a constant source of inspiration for Pablo Siquier. In his works we can see architectural structures, computer circuits, and even aerial views of cities. His labyrinth compositions oscillate between geometric planes (reminiscent of the grid structure of his native city, Buenos Aires) and the circular formation (of European or Native American cities), to eventually evoke the irregularity and fragility of all human organizational forms. His works are based on the metaphor of urban evolution, where modernist architecture suffers a shared and inevitable contamination of different styles and where disorder corrupts perfect geometry.

We can see his work in private and public collections as Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires or Museo Centro Nacional Reina Sofia Madrid.

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