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Ruth Bloch Biography

Israeli artist Ruth Bloch sculpts curvilinear figures that explore themes of femininity, family, and intimate relationships. Drawing on the work of Alberto Giacometti and Jean Arp, Bloch executes her elongated forms mainly in bronze, though she occasionally works in clay and glass. Beyond exaggerating the drawn-out gracefulness of her figures, she creates harmonious connections between them; Fatherhood (2009) is an example of this, featuring the embrace of father and child in which the arms blend seamlessly, giving an intertwined appearance. Bloch, who studied at the Avni Art Institute in Tel Aviv, has exhibited at Art Miami, Galerie Vivendi, and Cafmeyer Gallery. She was raised in a creative family, by a ceramic artist and a musician, and has been sculpting since childhood.

Israeli, b. 1951

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