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Taketo Kobayashi (aka humanoise) Biography

Taketo Kobayashi (also known as ‘humanoise') graduated from Tokyo’s Keio University. After gaining experience in 3D graphics and animation at the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s creative laboratory, and Gonzo Co., Ltd., Taketo branched out and began his career as an artist in his own right. Now a specialist in 3DCG modelling with a focus on 3D printing and additive manufacturing, humanoise explores the boundaries of digital printing. His mission is to turn the invisible - emotions, energy, consciousness - into the visible. Experimenting with the concept of spirituality in a digital age, Taketo considers Japanese subculture design a descendant of the animism spirit which formed during the ancient Jōmon period. This “digital shaman’s” designs are deconstructed and reconstructed in abstract ways. By blending the ancient and the modern through “shapes” he creates a circle - a mandala-like expression of Japanese culture. "Digital art is total freedom.” - Taketo Kobayashi

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