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A prolific artist for over forty years, Tim Walton, painter and film maker, was born in England in 1961. Self taught, he first exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1981- major galleries and a career in feature films began the following year. He has travelled widely in pursuit of the Sun’s light and his work has a distinct empathy for Mediteranean locations. The beauty of colour and hard edges usually define his prints, his paintings tactile and deeply personal. He met many of the biggest names in the art world at an early age and was encouraged to follow his own path in art as he always has, standing aside from his contemporaries and being rather reclusive.
Very much a philosopher and theorist, he has written about his art concisely and in great depth, drawing upon his experience over the years in psychotherapy – he is autistic.
Over the decades he has created stunning, complex Special Visual Effects for major feature films and made his own work. Dividing his time, working from his studios in London and his country property in south Devon. His work in recent years increasingly uses the skills and knowledge gained from film, reflecting the film industry’s original desire to use his skills and knowledge gained from art.
He lives in Kew, West London, the family properties in Nice and the Languedoc providing great inspiration for his work.

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