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Tommy Taylor is am American artist who uses his life experiences to reflect on the world through varied media and eclectic imagery. He might collage, paint the collage, scan the painting, screen print it on fabric, etc. In effect, an exhaustive experience forms a personal memory that produces a genuine artifact of self. He says “When I am working forgetting becomes a moment of perfect reality.”

Taylor uses chance, choice, and personal myth to find and then anchor hisself For example, the Yourself/Myself series explores emotional and psychological qualities of home life to the point of viewers mistaking the digital for paint or ink as photography.

He is committed to an ongoing circuit of public reflection and intra-personal meaning not only with his art but also with his books, teaching, and art community. While he has work in collections along with a history of exhibitions in the USA and London as an emerging artist he chooses for the moment to teach, work, and write in Houston.

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