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Yutaka Yoshinaga Biography

When you look at his works, you can see his pure material texture and colors, and you can find folding marks. They are like unfolded Origami or Furoshiki .
His pure material texture and colours.

Yutaka Yoshinaga’s works almost always use Pigment and Pastel. The colour variations they make possible are, of course, attractive. More important, however, is the achievement of layers of colouring that suggest resistance to their penetration, in contrast to the welcome permeation by ink or watercolours.

Yutaka Yoshinaga’s works are almost entirely drawn on Washi (Japanese handmade paper). He uses his whole body to fold and unfold the paper. The method is simple, yet it offers a way to make the differentiation of colours and gradations and the space they form stands out in contrast to line surfaces.

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