Tandem Press is a professional printmaking studio that produces top-quality prints by nationally recognized artists. Affiliated with the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tandem Press is a self-funded studio that fosters research, collaboration, experimentation, and innovation in the field of printmaking.

Tandem Press has produced prints by many artists including Derrick Adams, Andy Burgess, Richard Bosman, Suzanne Caporael, Squeak Carnwath, Robert Cottingham, Lesley Dill, Jim Dine, Jeffrey Gibson, Sam Gilliam, Michelle Grabner, Richard Haas, Al Held, Ikeda Manabu, José Lerma, Nicola López, David Lynch, Cameron Martin, Maser, Judy Pfaff, Sam Richardson, Dan Rizzie, Alison Saar, David Shapiro, Juane Quick-to-See Smith, Robert Stackhouse, Swoon, and Mickalene Thomas.

Tandem Press (IFPDA)
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Some of the artists available at Tandem Press (IFPDA)