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Anna Bella Geiger Biography

Multidisciplinary artist, his work is characterized by the use of different means of communication.

She is considered one of the most solid Brazilian creators of her generation, her conceptual proposals are remarkable, especially after her trip to New York in the 1970s where she came into contact with Vito Acconci and Joseph Beuys.

In the 1970s Geiger began to include figurative elements in his works, he used photographic engraving, photomontage, assembly, collage, sculpture and video.

In the early 1990s, he worked with metal mapping and iron file box constructions incorporating braided metal and fire-etched hot wax paint. In addition to painting and recording, his current work includes video installations.

Physical geography and human geography thus become the excuses that serve Anna Bella to reflect on issues related to colonial policies where the world must rewrite itself, to narrate, from a different perspective.

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