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Joan Miró Biography


Joan Miró was a Spanish artist who was known for his abstract and surrealist artwork. He was active in the printmaking medium, creating lithographs, etchings, and linocuts. Miró’s prints often feature biomorphic shapes, bold colours and abstract patterns that are inspired by nature, and the subconscious mind.

One of Miró’s most famous print series is the “Constellations” series which he created in the 1940s. This series consists of a set of 25 lithographs that depict abstracted, cosmic imagery that was inspired by the stars and planets. They are characterised by their bright colours, simple forms and have a dreamlike quality.

Another notable print series by Miró is the “The Ladder of Escape” created in 1940, which was a suite of 15 lithographs that were created as a protest against the outbreak of WWII.

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