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Epifanía by Jordi Diaz Alama

Epifanía by Jordi Diaz Alama

Zebra One



Edition Size: 25

Sheet Size: 110 x 70 cm


Condition: Pristine

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When thinking about #ClásicosDesollados (Skinned Classics) for the first time, we get the feeling that Alamàis leading us into a new experience. We see how a moving re-thinking and re-doing of the history of painting unfolds in pursuit of an (act of something getting bigger, wider, etc.) of the codes for reading modern figuration.

Alamàsteps over the bottomless pit of what had already been painted, like a tightrope walker, and studies the (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land) of such a huge tradition that is complicated, or almost impossible, to make a final twist around the figure, portrait, and imitation  all forms of representation of a hard to see/hard to catch world that resists being understood/explained. This is especially true in an image-centred (community of people/all good people in the world) in which the secret/sneaky-quick look of the eye hardly allows an opportunity for a favourable opinion by the look on reality. In this state of steadiness/balance  through disfiguration and smudging, being both the creator and destroyer of the artistic object and with the look focused on a tense and threatening path we can see how Alamàexpresses present-day problems through canon characters and scenes. Their (something is truly what it claims to be), as a statement (in court) of a human, is not based on time, but on always-existing (the act of being taken or controlled by force) of our nature.


The Artist

Jordi Diaz Alama

Jordi Diaz Alamà was born in Granollers in 1986, he graduated from the Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He also trained at the classical art schools, such as the Florence Academy of Art (Florence) where he learned the techniques used by the great masters of 19th-century painting.

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