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Joseph Beuys was a talented German artist who produced exceptional works as a sculptor, graphic artist, art theorist, as well as being a passionate performance artist. Joseph Beuys served as an aircraft operator during World War II. It was during this time that he began to seriously ponder a career as an artist. After his return to Kleve, he was encouraged by a local sculptor, Walter Brux, and a painter, Hanns Lamers, to pursue art full-time. Throughout his career Beuys adopted shamanism as his preferred presentation mode of his art and also for his life.

Joseph Beuys was a graduate of the “”Monumental Sculpture”” program at the Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts under the instruction and mentorship of Ewald Matare. Over the years, Joseph Beuys’s produced a diverse body of work throughout the duration of his career, which included the traditional media of drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as process-oriented “”action”” art. Beuys is especially well-known for his works that incorporated animal fat and felt. These two common materials, one organic and one fabricated, had profound personal meaning to him. Beuys has an extensive and impressive collection of art that stems from concepts of social philosophy, anthroposophy, and humanism. During his career, his work was both vibrant and subject controversial public debate. Today Joseph Beuys is considered a leading artist of the second half of the 20th century.

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