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K-Guy Biography

K-Guy, aka Kevin Guy, is a London based visual artist who has attracted international media attention for his controversial work. Perhaps his most famous installation, “The Boom Economy Shrine,” strategically located behind London’s Royal Exchange, is a commentary on the global downturn.

K-Guy was inspired by the financial crisis and the lack of action on the part of politicians. He made an analogy with the laying of flowers left to victims of road accidents and created what he describes as a, “visual rant,” targeted at politicians who failed to stop the excesses of the market.

K-Guy is new to urban art but his style, which is often characterised by the use of discarded trash and other objects, is often thought provoking and attention grabbing. In addition to aerosol and paste-ups, K-Guy also creates street installations and sculptural pieces.

K-Guy has used a range of platforms for his work and has noted that, “if there is a nice blank wall it is fair game.” Although he shuns the idea of being anti-capitalist due to his pragmatic tendencies, K-Guy is not averse to calling out the excesses of our time.

Other celebrated K-Guy works include his collaboration with The Prodigy which was an instant sell out, and his iconic “Coke Moss,” “Naomi Campbell’s” and “LINDA EVANGELISTa” pieces.

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