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Vhils Biography

Alexandre Farto was born in Portugal in 1987.[1] He studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Vhils lives and works in London and Lisbon. He gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008.[2] A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times.

He was later given space to show his work by Banksy’s agent, Steve Lazarides. Several of his works were published in 2008.[3] He is also shown by Vera Cortes and the Magda Danysz Gallery.

During Fremantle’s 2013 Fremantle Street Arts Festival, the Norfolk Hotel was decorated with an original image of the first Australian female senator. The image of Dame Dorothy Tangney DBE was created by Vhils and his assistants.[4]

Luxembourg Freeport, an art storage facility opened in 2014, includes a large mural by Vhils, etched into one of the atrium concrete walls.[5]

Vhils has taken[6] to several places of the world, trying to reveal the stories inside the walls.

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