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Mikael B. Biography

Danish born, Los Angeles based artist, Mikael B.’s bold colors and geometric abstract shapes, which have become synonymous with his artistic identity, are born from his early years as a graffiti artist where he was heavily impacted by the “wild-style” genre within the broader medium—a complex, intricate visual amalgamation of forms, words and letters. Bursting with complimentary colors and light, the dynamic universe found within Mikael B.’s work is akin to a visualization of high energy, electronic music. In this world, explosive colors and graphic forms can be combined in infinite variations—he perpetuates the idea in his art, as well as in his personal life, that anything is possible.

Growing up in the rural town of Tuse Næs west of Copenhagen, Mikael B filled his school notebooks with sketches rather than homework; often turning these drawings into temporary tattoos for his classmates. His parents encouraged him to pursue his passion, providing him with plywood that he would quickly transform into art objects in their backyard. Mikael later joined the graffiti milieu of southwest Copenhagen, painting hundreds of walls in just a few years under his alias, “KETS.”

Mikael’s roller-coaster career trajectory from military service, to graphic design intern, to founder of his own design agency, IDentity Provided, only further proved to him that his expressive, creative energy could only truly be channeled through artistic production. After coming to this realization, Mikael abruptly sold his design agency and moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue his dream. In the short number of years since his dramatic career shift, Mikael’s dreams have become a reality—boasting a resume with exhibitions at Miami Art Week, mural commissions all over the world and corporate clients like Google, LinkedIn, Nike and American Express.

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