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Mantis Biography

Mantis (b. 1974) is a South African born artist who has been a steady contributor to the urban and contemporary art scene for the last ten years. He has exhibited numerous times with some of the top contemporary and urban art galleries across the world: Los Angeles, Miami, Australia, Bangkok, Berlin, Italy and London, where he is currently based.

He has contributed to a book comprising of twenty of the world’s leading stencil artists and his work has appeared on album covers and music videos from Italian metal bands to Brit Mod God rocker Paul Weller.

Mantis’s work reflects mostly on the social issues that confront us in our daily city grind and although full of hope it rides and questions on the darker edge of the social conscience. He asks with his work that we enter into a new way of thinking and that we play the game of life with heart, pushing forward collectively in a positive and constructive new direction.

He currently lives and works as a prop maker in London while continuing to produce his own work.

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