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NEST Biography

Originally a French teacher and songwriter (member of SACEM), NEST, a professional painter, emigrated to Argentina, where he lived from 2005 to 2009. His work, until then, was somewhat figurative. It has since evolved into an original form of abstraction where the mystical and symbolic coexist and overlap.

A victim of an armed attack in Miramar (a seaside resort in Buenos Aires) in 2006, NEST overcame his trauma by painting human nature in his unique style. This theme became the subject of a popular series of exhibitions across the country. In Buenos Aires, he was supported by the French Embassy and also received praise from the Minister of Culture, Sr Lombardi.

After enriching stays in Tunisia, Granada and Madrid, NEST felt a pull to find his roots in the Midi Pyrenees. After spending some time in Albi, he packed up his easel and brushes and moved to the heart of Asia. He currently lives in the southern Philippines, where he continues to create and search for new inspiration.

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