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Beyoncé, Crazy In Love, New York by Markus Klinko

Beyoncé, Crazy In Love, New York by Markus Klinko

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Chromogenic (C-print)


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Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Printed by Weldon Color Lab on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper (chromogenic print)

– Small Format: Limited to 50
– Medium Format: Limited to 25
– Large Format: Limited to 12

– Small Format: 61.0cm x 50.8cm
– Medium Format: 101.6cm x 81.3cm
– Large Format: 152.4cm x 121.9cm

Good To Know: Printed to order, artwork is shipped directly from the artist’s studio.

Series: Queen Bey’

Arty-Fact: In the world of photography, some artists possess the exceptional ability to capture the raw essence and inner beauty of their subjects. One such visionary is Markus Klinko, a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer who has left an indelible mark on the industry with his remarkable talent. Among his numerous extraordinary endeavours, one collaboration stands out as a milestone in his illustrious career – photographing none other than the iconic superstar Beyoncé.

Beyoncé, an unparalleled force in the world of music, is a name that resonates with millions of fans worldwide. Her voice, stage presence, and empowering message have solidified her status as a true pop culture phenomenon. When a talent of such magnitude meets a photographer of Markus Klinko’s calibre, it is an artistic collision that ignites sparks of magic.

Markus recalls, “I shot Beyoncé for the first time in 2000 for Vibe magazine when she was part of Destiny’s Child. I knew she was a superstar right away. She walked in, and I said to her mother, Tina, who was styling the shoot: “This one in the middle here, she’s going to be a huge star.” Tina looked at me like: ‘Yeah, we know.'”

The rest, they say. is history!

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