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Ice Spice, Jean Paul Gaultier, West Hollywood by Markus Klinko

Ice Spice, Jean Paul Gaultier, West Hollywood by Markus Klinko

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Chromogenic (C-print)


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Condition: Pristine

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Medium: Printed by Weldon Color Lab on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper (chromogenic print)

– Small Format: Limited to 50
– Medium Format: Limited to 25
– Large Format: Limited to 12

– Small Format: 61.0cm x 49.8cm
– Medium Format: 101.6cm x 82.3cm
– Large Format: 152.4cm x 122.9cm

Good To Know: Printed to order, artwork is shipped directly from the artist’s studio.

Series: Capturing the Essence of Ice Spice

In music and art, collaborations between creative minds often result in something extraordinary. One such collaboration which recently made waves is the prominent rapper Ice Spice teaming up with renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Markus Klinko. In a stunning series of photographs created for Paper Mag, Markus masterfully captures the essence of Ice Spice’s persona, creating an unforgettable visual experience that showcases the rapper’s talent and individuality.

The Visionary Markus Klinko

Markus’ distinct style is characterised by his willingness to push boundaries and experiment with unconventional techniques. His ability to capture the essence of his subjects while maintaining an artistic flair has made him highly sought after. With his unique approach to photography, Markus has established himself as a true pioneer in the field, having worked with an impressive roster of A-list celebrities.

The Essence of Ice Spice

Isis Naija Gaston (born January 1, 2000), professionally known as Ice Spice, is an American rapper. She grew up in the Bronx, New York City, and began her career in 2021 after meeting record producer RiotUSA while attending the State University of New York at Purchase.

Ice Spice rose to prominence in late 2022 with her song “Munch (Feelin’ U)”, which became viral on TikTok. She followed it up with singles “Bikini Bottom” and “In Ha Mood”, leading up to her debut extended play, Like..? (2023). She achieved her first entry on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with the Lil Tjay collaboration “Gangsta Boo”. Her remix singles “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” (with PinkPantheress) and “Princess Diana” (with Nicki Minaj) have charted within the top five of the Hot 100, and her remix of “Karma” by Taylor Swift was released on May 26, 2023.

Music journalists have noted Ice Spice’s relaxed rapping style as unique. Publications such as The New York Times and Billboard have called her “rap’s new princess”. She was described as a “breakout star” by Time.

Exploring the Collaborative Process

Collaborations in the creative realm often result in a fusion of artistic visions, and the partnership between Ice Spice and Markus Klinko is no exception. The duo worked closely together, combining their respective talents to bring out the best in each other. Markus’ meticulous attention to detail and ability to evoke emotion through his photographs perfectly complement Ice Spice’s dynamic presence. The result is a collection of images beyond traditional celebrity portraiture, capturing the essence of Ice Spice.

“I just photographed the last cover of Paper Mag with Ice Spice, who is the number one hottest artist in the world right now! Seeing my work with her move from magazine cover to the walls of galleries within just a few days is somewhat of an unprecedented experience. Normally, that takes at least 20 years for celebrity shoots to make it into art galleries – so I am proud to be able to change the game a bit!” ~ Markus Klinko

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Markus Klinko

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