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Galerie Mikro 1969 (Metaphysical Translations) by Eduardo Paolozzi

Galerie Mikro 1969 (Metaphysical Translations) by Eduardo Paolozzi

Petersburg Press

Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: hand signed by artist

Sheet Size: 33 x 23 inches


Condition: Excellent

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Printed in chartreuse, dark green, bright yellow, orange, and brown, this surreal scene features a grey-walled room populated with strange machinery and a red chair. Paolozzi creates a multitude of textures, combining smooth, geometric forms and flat color, with photographic reproduction, effaced sketched lines, and woodcut. From the merger of peculiar, antiquated parts and futuristic technologies suggests the form of a green-eyed deity, whose head is framed by a yellow halo.

Printed on the occasion of Galerie Mikro’s 1969 exhibition Eduardo Paolozzi Complete Graphics. The imagery is reproduced from the artist’s book Metafisikal Translations, in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Printed in an edition of 200, the book contains 30 screenprints including this one. Poster reads “Eduardo Paolozzi Complete graphics Galerie Mikro Berlin 1 Berlin 12 Camerstrasse 1, 315865, February March 1969, Monday-Saturday, 12-7 pm.”

This vintage poster was designed by the artist in our studio and comes directly from our Petersburg Press archive.


The Artist

Eduardo Paolozzi

Considered to be one of the pioneers in pop art, Eduardo Paolozzi, sculptor and painter, was born in Scotland in 1924. In 1943 studied at the Edinburgh College of Art, then St Martin’s School of Art in 1944 and then finally at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1944 to 1947. After studying between 1947 -1949 he travelled over to Paris to work; these couple of years marked an important impression on his life. He met many of the original Surrealists in Paris during that time and their impact can be seen in the sculptures Paolozzi created during the 1950s. After Paris he moved back to London and filled his workshop with an array of unusual objects found, discarded toys, any material he thought would work well in sculpting.

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