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Teatro Junin by Michele Zalopany

Teatro Junin by Michele Zalopany

Petersburg Press



Edition Size: Unique

Image Size: 43 x 39 inches

Sheet Size: 39 x 26 inches


Condition: Excellent

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Monotype on heavyweight white Waterford paper. Signed by the artist, and dated 1988 lower right in pencil. Annotated “B” verso in pencil. Note: this monotype was pinned to the studio wall while the artist was working on it and has a pinhole in each corner — see last four photographs. This in no way detracts from its value but is intrinsic in its making.

The monotype depicts the Teatro Junin in Caracas at night as a couple walks towards the lit-up facade. To the left, palms line the rain-soaked path, in which the theater’s reflection can be seen. In the foreground, a dark profile emerges from the right of the composition, perhaps a statue, or a person stepping into the frame. Thick layers of black ink define a pitch-black sky, while thin, translucent layers showcase the artist’s loose, painterly brush strokes, which create rich layers of color and texture. Subtle swaths of pale yellow highlight the building’s facade.

This composition was inspired by a page in an old picture book, depicting a downtown section of Caracas, Venezuela that is home to a number of Art Deco buildings, all built in the 1950’s. The theater pictured here is the Teatro Junín, in Caracas, Venezuela. Designed by famed theater architect John Eberson, Teatro Junín opened its doors in 1950. With its giant marquee, six stories, neon-lit facade, and a capacity of over 1,200, the art deco theater marked a growing interest in theater and the arts from Venezuela’s burgeoning middle class. After falling into disrepair, Teatro Junín was reopened in 2013.



The Artist

Michele Zalopany

Born in 1955 in Detroit Michigan, Michele Zalopany is a contemporary American artist best known for her large-scale watercolor and pastel paintings based on photographs found in digital picture collections, old books, and flea markets, etc. Found photographs and film screen shots that had originally served other purposes — family snapshots, police photos, real estate, travel documentation — when rendered, directly from the image, with traditional art materials, take on additional meanings, such as socio-psychological-political content.

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