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Jarid’s Porch by Howard Hodgkin

Jarid’s Porch by Howard Hodgkin

Petersburg Press

Colour Lithograph


Edition Size: 100

Sheet Size: 20.5 x 24 inches

Reference: Elizabeth Knowles, Howard Hodgkin: Prints 1977 to 1983, Tate Gallery, London 1985, no. 42, illustrated p. 36


Condition: Excellent

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Lithograph from one aluminum plate printed in black, with hand colouring in gouache (grey wash border and yellow), on thick, pale yellow Lexington hand made paper. Edition 100 with 14 Artist’s proofs: this impression AP. Signed by the artist and dated 77 lower right in pencil, annotated AP lower right in pencil.

A bright yellow calligraphy or graffiti-like mark is set against translucent grey. While most Hodgkin works are abstract, the artist usually includes observational gestures: for example, a room viewed from above becomes a grouping of soft shapes. Here, the fragmented corner of a wraparound porch is a yellow, calligraphic angle floating in shrouds of grey. Wide ribbons of velvety gouache wash over the incandescent shape’s border, with polite ink blots, frantic scribbles, and measured brushstrokes. These marks seem to set the yellow shape in place like a gem’s bezel, or like a raft tethered in place, gently bobbing in dark waters.

This atmospheric image expresses Hodgkin’s lifelong attempt to capture single moments in time and infuse them with feeling and observation. Through his extensive collaborations with Petersburg Press, Hodgkin began to use hand coloring as a means to charge his images with urgency, and create a complex play between layers and techniques. The yellow gouache at the center of this print highlights the texture of the thick, handmade paper.



The Artist

Howard Hodgkin

British printmaker and painter Howard Hodgkin is most associated with the abstract style. Exhibiting his first works in 1962, he created continuously up to his death at age 84 in 2017. London-born Hodgkin studied at first Camberwell Art School and then the Bath Academy of Art. His first works used only a few colours and curved forms, though this evolved over time. Later pieces used brighter and bolder colours and forms and had a more immediate, spontaneous quality. His most famous work is a series of paintings of Venice, known as the ‘Venetian Views’. It shows the ancient watery city at various times of the day. ‘Venice Afternoon’ is seen as the exceptional work in the quartet. Its creation was achieved through a complex printing process which used many layers and an incredibly complex printing process to build up its colourful effect. It is now on display at the Yale Centre of British Art in New Haven, Connecticut, in the USA. Howard Hodgkin created an abstract screen print on paper called ‘Swimming’ for the London 2012 Olympics. He won premier art award the Turner Prize in 1985, was knighted in 1992 and awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Oxford in 2000.

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