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Mondrian-21 by Jaume Plensa

Mondrian-21 by Jaume Plensa

Composition Gallery

Mixed Media


Edition Size: Unique

Dimensions: 192 X 213 X 7.5 cm


Condition: Pristine

Price on Application

The Artist

Jaume Plensa

The artist and sculptor Jaume Plensa was born in Barcelona in 1955. His works have appeared in exhibitions all over the world, earning him an international reputation. He studied art at Barcelona’s Escola Superior de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi, and the “Llotja” School. Plensa’s creative talents involve a wide range of materials, including marble, granite, glass, LEDs, and water. While his sculptures resonate with classical ideas of beauty, in conventional materials like steel, glass, aluminium, and bronze, they also often exhibit distortions or deliberate imperfections. Some of them incorporate text, such as “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil,” from the 2010 installation “In the Midst of Dreams”. The current exhibition “Human Landscape” is the most comprehensive showing of his sculptural work in North America.

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