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  • Series Of Ten Seascapes by Ludolf Bakhuizen

Series Of Ten Seascapes by Ludolf Bakhuizen

Sarah Sauvin (IFPDA)



Edition Size: unknown

Image Size: 17,7 x 23,7 cm

Sheet Size: 32,5 x 41,5 cm

Reference: Bartsch 1 to 10, Hollstein 1 to 10, 3rd state (of 3).


Condition: Pristine

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Etching, each around 177 x 237 mm, except for Hollstein 1: 195 x 257 mm. Bartsch 1 to 10, Hollstein 1 to 10, 3rd state (of 3).

Complete series of 10 etchings, as usual with the title page D’Y Stroom en Zeegezichten geteekent en geetst door LUDOLF BAKHUIZEN, Anno 1701 In Amsterdam and the mezzotint portrait of Bakhuizen by J. Gole.

Impressions of the final state, the numbers erased, printed on laid paper with watermark (Amsterdam’s coat of arms, name of a papermaker and date 1751).

Generally in excellent condition. A few pale foxmarks. Binding holes in the left margins. Full untrimmed margins (sheets: 325 x 415 mm).

Marine landscapes are a favourite genre of Bakhuizen’s. In 1701 he etched this series of ten plates, representing harbours and rivers, among which the bay of the IJ in Amsterdam and the Maas in Rotterdam. The view of Amsterdam is allegorical and symbolises the commercial and maritime power of the city in the 17th century: the Dutch city is personified in the form of a goddess in arms, riding on Neptune’s triumphal chariot. The prints that follow in the series represent familiar scenes in harbours or along rivers and contain a plethora of boats, yachts, hulks, longboats, being pushed into the water and launched, sailing or being careened.


The Artist

Ludolf Bakhuizen


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