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  • The Oculist Witnesses poster by Marcel Duchamp

The Oculist Witnesses poster
by Marcel Duchamp

Available at Petersburg Press


Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: unknown

Sheet Size: 31.5 x 23 inches


Condition: Excellent


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This poster features a photograph, taken by Richard Hamilton, of Marcel Duchamp signing “The Oculist Witnesses” 1967 glass. The poster is an offset lithograph, with a clear polyester laminate which depicts the glass, and embossed foil reproducing the silver image encased in the glass.

Duchamp had made studies for most of the sections of his monumental “The Bride stripped bare by her Bachelors even: The Large Glass”1915-23 (Collection: Philadelphia Museum of Art). In collaboration with Richard Hamilton (who had made a reconstruction of “The Large Glass” for Duchamp’s Tate exhibition in 1966) Duchamp created glass multiples of two sections for which he had not made studies: “The Oculist Witnesses” and “Sieves”. Both were produced by Petersburg Press, together with this ambitious poster.

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