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Music Foot (portfolio) by Roberto Matta

Music Foot (portfolio) by Roberto Matta

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Edition Size: 100

Sheet Size: 55 X 58 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Suite of 8 original lithographs by Roberto Sebastian Matta, realized in occasion of the 1990 FIFA Soccer World Championship – The eight original prints on a unique sheet form in total a single lithograph of 5 meters and 22 cm long – Two lithographs are not at the same sheet, and are printed on Japon rise paper, numbered and hand-signed in pencil – Limited edition of 100 copies, numbered and hand signed by the Artist – The hardcover is made of white fabric with serigraph and geometries realized with the collage. Size 55.0 x 58.0, the main lithograph 5,22 meters when folded out. – Last two works on the image are the loose lithographs on Japon. All the others from the hardcover with 8 (5,22 m) lithographs.

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The Artist

Roberto Matta

One of Chile’s most well-known painters is Roberto Matta. Born Roberto Matta is considered an influential figure in the abstract expressionist and surrealist art movement of the 20th century. Born on 11 November 1911 in Santiago, we was a student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile where he studied architecture and interior design. Whilst at university, he travelled across South America visiting places such as a Peru and Panama, where he took the opportunity to make many surreal drawings of the natural world around him. Matta went onto to further travel Europe and the USA where he met other artists such as Salvador Dalí, Le Corbusier and Arshile Gorky.

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