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For over a decade, the male and female artistic duo SNIK, have been creating artwork across the globe using traditional stencil methods.

Where others have moved on to the digital techniques, using laser cutting and computers to support their work, SNIK have remained true to the origins of their craft. They still painstakingly hand cut their complex multi-layered stencils. This commitment to the heritage of their discipline and the sophistication of their work sets them apart from their peers, their work is instantly recognisable, whether it be graced on a city wall or exhibited in a leading gallery.

SNIK’s bold aesthetic is characterized by frozen scenes of dynamic action. Their work focuses on the ordinary, such as tangled strands of hair or the folds and textures of fabrics.”

When asked whether there is a message in their art, SNIK replied, “Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.”
Their purpose, to tell stories of the everyday and the beauty that is found here.

Source: SNIK.com

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