The Suite Vollard – Pablo Picasso

Faune dévoilant une Dormeuse (12 June 1936, Paris) Sugarlift aquatint (Bloch 230; Baer 609.VI.B.c) Vollard Suite

The Suite Vollard (Bloch 134 – Bloch 234) by Elizabeth Manchester for the John Szoke Gallery (IFPDA) Around 1927, the famed dealer Ambroise Vollard commissioned a suite of one hundred prints from … [Read more...]

Printmaking – Aspinwall Editions – Meet the Printer

Aspinwall Editions

Aspinwall Editions is a fine art printmaking publisher, dealer, and studio with facilities in New York City and Rheine, Germany. Founded in 2012 by Ann Aspinwall and Knut Willich, Aspinwall Editions … [Read more...]

Printmaking – Artizan Editions – Meet the Printer

Sally proofing ‘Going Across’ by Bridget Riley

Fine art screenprinters, Artizan Editions, established in 1994 in Brighton have recently moved to new premises in rural Gloucestershire. The studio continues to focus on original printmaking in it’s … [Read more...]

Printmaking – KIDO Press – Meet the Printer

Artist Terry Winters

KIDO Press, Inc. opened its doors in downtown Tokyo in 2002—an area known for its rich history of Japanese woodblock printing.  It was home to the leading medieval artists (including Hokusai, Utamaro, … [Read more...]

Printmaking – Island Press – Meet the Printer

Island Press is a research-based printmaking workshop and publisher committed to education and innovation in contemporary print editions and artist projects. Visiting artists work side by side with … [Read more...]