Art Edition-Fils was founded in Berlin in 1870. Since the first days up till now the company is owned by the FIls family. It is the oldest publisher house in Europe and perhaps in the world for art, be it prints or multiples. For a long time in between 1929 and 1981 there had been two branches, as well in Dusseldorf nearby the famous art academy and in Berlin, so that Art Edition-Fils became the only art business working as well in West- and East-Germany.
The focus had always been a mixture of very well established artists and younger generations still on the way. Art Edition-Fils had the pleasure to publish the most important artists of the Zero group, like Uecker, Piene, Mack, Megert or Mavingnier, as well the new figurative painters like Immendorff, Penck, Szczesny or Tadeusz. International stars like Vasarely, Sam Francis, Pat Stier or Bel Borba had been part of the program all time over. And there was a kind of family relation to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, whose editions had been published by the Dusseldorf based publishing house for nearly 40 years. Looking forward to integrate new and younger artists some of today celebrated painters had been published very early, like Karin Kneffel and Jan Kolata.
Beside all classical techniques like etchings, lithographs, woodcuts and silkscreens the development in the last years included more and more editions with photography and digital prints. Most spectacular had been a 5 Meter long, i.e. nearly 200 inch long silkscreen print by Bel Borba and a double sided print on transparent plexiglas linked with a mirror behind it by Christian Megert or multiple sculptures by rosalie and 3D prints by Jürgen Mayer H. Most editions are numbered and hand signed.
In addition to the publishing house, there is a gallery in Dusseldorf city center and an exhibition hall on a farm nearby Bremen.

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