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Hanging Gardens [III] by Alicia Paz

Hanging Gardens [III] by Alicia Paz

Dellasposa Gallery

Archival Pigment Print


Edition Size: 50 plus 10 AP's

Sheet Size: 44.6 x 59.4 cm


Condition: Pristine


The Artist

Alicia Paz

Alicia Paz’s paintings, collages and standing figures deal primarily with identity and the notion of a divided subject/author, and explore the mutability of subjectivity. In recent years, Paz has focused on the female figure: the Self is experienced and presented as multiple, paradoxical, and in flux. Inhabiting fantastical and exotic landscapes, Paz’s feminine subjects become fused and combined with organic life. Strange and unsettling visions of tree-women and monster-women also represent the fusion of the Subject with painting itself: she often depicts amphibian or plant-like figures “weeping” pigment, their limbs, hair, and various ornamental accoutrements mud-caked and dripping, as if extracted from a colourful, post-cognitive swamp.

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