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Portrait de Michel Leiris by Francis Bacon

Portrait de Michel Leiris by Francis Bacon

Dellasposa Gallery



Edition Size: 46

Sheet Size: 68 x 52 cm


Condition: Pristine

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After meeting in 1965, the French writer and ethnographer became one of Bacon’s closest friends and admirers; his opinion was among the few that the painter actually accepted. Regardless of the disproportion and enlargement of his facial features, Leiris is still recognizable. In this case, the distortionof the physical features is not driven by aesthetics, but is used to reach deeper into the soul of the sitter and highlight the subject’s personality. The fact that only the left eye is left undisturbed and majorly enlarged could suggest that the central theme of the painting is vision.


The Artist

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was an Irish painter who was famous for his abstract imagery. His paintings were typically figurative images painted in the environment of empty backgrounds or within geometric cages of steel or glass, all painted with flat, monochromatic color palettes. Francis Bacon frequently created series of paintings that depicted the same subject matter over a period of time. This was due to his tendency to focus on the same themes and variations of introspective, somber and existential subjects as his artistic motifs.

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