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Secondary Collage [00] by Ehryn Torrell

Secondary Collage [00] by Ehryn Torrell

Dellasposa Gallery



Edition Size: 3

Image Size: 42 x 29 cm

Sheet Size: 52 x 39.5 cm


Condition: Pristine


The Artist

Ehryn Torrell

Ehryn Torrell is a London-based Canadian artist interested in visual culture and the myriad ways it impacts human experience and shapes ideas. Collage is central to her practice because it makes use of existing images and, at the same time, It resists accepting the way things are by presenting new and alternative imagery through deconstructive and constructive methods. Painting, with its historic legacies, illusionary techniques, compositional devices, colourful and material presence, is also an important background to her work, whether it takes the form of paint on canvas, collage, embroidery or textile. Her research is informed by deep looking, histories, conversations, material play, and the work of artists, philosophers and scholars in feminism, cultural theory, architecture and critical race studies, particularly in the last century.

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