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Untitled by Charlie Billingham

by Charlie Billingham

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Relief Print

Edition Size: 125

Sheet Size: 29.7x21 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Charlie Billingham produces paintings, prints and site-responsive installations. He uses expanded approaches to painting that refer to the history of British Satirical print, both through their uses of graphic boldness and in their repeated appropriations of fractured imagery whose details quote Gillray, Rowlandson and a Hogarthian comic narrative tradition.

His distinctly anachronistic references are merged and layered with passages of abstract and decorative painting, other linear fragments that hint at contemporary cartoon culture and a playful positioning of both historical and modern props.

The clichés of Modernist tropes, mock expressive gesture along with a lightness of touch and a brightness of palate all suggest an awareness that is equally conscious of the multiple histories that inform his art, while being confident in the irreverently unique manifestations these combined influences generate.

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