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Stacks Blue by Tess Jaray RA

Stacks Blue by Tess Jaray RA

Royal Academy of Arts

Digital Print


Edition Size: 20

Image Size: 20x34 cm

Sheet Size: 28x42 cm


Condition: Pristine

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form of pillar, perhaps? Or maybe a road from above? Across this simple, geometric digital print, Tess Jaray repeats an arrow-like motif to disorient the viewer and suggest spatial ambiguities.

Jaray’s use of bold colour creates a subtle pulsating effect, compelling the eye to constantly adjust between stack and background. The work’s perfectly flat surface ensures nothing intrudes upon the viewer’s experience, and mimics the effect Jaray achieves in her paintings and screenprinted works.

All proceeds from the sale of RA Editions prints go directly to support the RA Schools.

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The Artist

Tess Jaray RA

Born: 31 December, 1937, Vienna, Austria
Elected: 16 March, 2010
Category of Membership: Painter

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