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Sid (yellow) by Dennis Morris

Sid (yellow) by Dennis Morris

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Edition Size: 77

Sheet Size: 95.5 x 70 cm


Condition: Pristine

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“Punk is a state of mind.” In 1977 Johnny Rotten, inspired by Morris’ work with Bob Marley, asked the 18-year-old to be the Sex Pistols’ official photographer. For the year of the album Anarchy in the UK he trailed the Pistols at the peak of their notoriety, documenting the trail of chaos and destruction they left in their wake. If Johnny Rotten was the sneeringly, abrasively articulate face of the Pistols, the terrifyingly nihilistic Sid Vicious was the band’s enduring media icon, an image surviving even Sid’s own suicide by overdose in 1979. In SiD Morris presents Vicious both at the apogee of fame and on the brink of what was to be a dark journey, daring us to enter his world with a conspiratorial wink.



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