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Hinter by Elizabeth Magill

Hinter by Elizabeth Magill

Manifold Editions



Edition Size: 75

Sheet Size: 66 x 55 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Hinter refers to an area behind or beyond – here, perhaps, some kind of atmospheric tension. This lithograph continues the theme of Blue Hold (2011), whereby the artist uses imagery from the natural landscape as a point of departure. In her painted works, Magill delicately imposes layer after layer of colour until the image takes on an ageless quality, as though coming from a distant past. Transforming the subject into the medium of lithograph gives the artist the chance to vary colour composition and texture to create new effects of mood and atmosphere. In her own words, “Lithography allows me to work as close to my painting technique as possible – as a painter I rely on a build up of layers to create the work. Lithography functions in a similar way, but unlike painting, I can refer back to a previous layer/plate.”



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