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  • Holy Eggs (Green) by Gavin Turk

Holy Eggs (Green) by Gavin Turk

Manifold Editions

Hand-finished digital print


Edition Size: Edition of 30

Sheet Size: 103 x 78 x 6 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Holy Eggs is Manifold Editions’ latest publication with renowned British conceptual artist, Gavin Turk. An appropriation of Lucio Fontana’s La Fine di Dio (The End of God), Turk’s eggs are dramatically perforated, their rich surface torn and pierced as the artist’s initials subliminally appear. The punctured surface is enhanced by its floated construction 5mm above a black backboard, transforming these works on paper into sculptural objects.

The egg, as a heavily-charged archetypal symbol, is evocative of the alpha and omega of all things, life and creation, originality, fragility and mortality. For Turk, it symbolises the delicate relationship between life and art.

Each work in the series is hand-finished by the artist through pushing and pulling the laser-cut holes to emphasise the vandalism of the surface. Turk says, “As I pierce the egg I am following Fontana’s leap into the void, recreating a galaxy, a cosmos.”



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