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  • One Thing After Another (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night) by Boo Saville

One Thing After Another (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night) by Boo Saville

Manifold Editions

Archival Pigment Print


Edition Size: Edition of 30

Sheet Size: 34.8 x 29.6cm each (including frame) cm


Condition: Pristine

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Introducing Manifold Editions’ third collaboration with British artist Boo Saville: a series of four collaged archival pigment prints, framed in white wooden box frames. Each of the four artworks consist of two editions, one collaged on top of the other, and then framed, reflecting Saville’s recent explorations in to concept of ‘framing’ in her work.

Saville describes, “I am interested in the threshold between the experienced and the represented world in our minds and how colour can be an access point for this. I have also been experimenting with frames in my work for a while now. Rather than a presentation tool, I view them as an integral part of the work. The frames in ‘One Thing After Another’ provide a border but also the blurring of roles; different fields of surface suggestive of something that happened or is about to happen. Like looking at something through a window. 

The title ‘One Thing After Another’ suggests both the collaged construction of these editions but also a sequence of events. I have individually titled each print after times of day: ‘Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night’.”

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