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Converging  Paths by Jean Macalpine

Converging Paths by Jean Macalpine

Pomegranate Fine Art



Edition Size: 1

Image Size: 47 x 57 cm

Sheet Size: 74 x 83 cm

Condition: Pristine

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Unique work initially based on a photograph with subtle/delicate hand colouration. Signed ,dated and titled in the margin by the artist in pencil. Framed and mounted, in excellent condition.

“I don’t make notes at the time of exposure, but I usually shoot using Ilford FP4 at f11 (to give a large depth of field). I then make a B+W print. The colour is added to the finished print by various techniques such as toning, redeveloping and colour developer and sepia. As the colour is added after the printing stage each image is a one off, unique image; there is only one made from each negative”.

Jean, and her artist partner Kenneth Draper RA, live in Mallorca.

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The Artist

Jean Macalpine

Macalpine’s work is a realisation of her sensations of landscape. Her aims are to do with Fine Art: her interests lie in formality and ambiguity, in light and atmosphere, all of which are Fine Art concerns. She regards herself as an artist who happens to use the photographic medium, but were she to consider that the image might be better served by another medium in the future she would not hesitate to use it, be it painting, printmaking or mixed media. For her the camera is simply a tool towards the finished work which is so finely tuned that one is aware primarily of the image and only secondly of the medium. In this regard she stands alone in her field.

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