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Even more highlights From INK Miami Art Fair

6-10 December 2023

Click on artworks to view details and to discover more artworks available at each exhibitor.

Landscape Series #2, Bob Dilworth, Cade Tompkins Projects
Feedback Loop Resonator, fifth version (III), James Siena, Flying Horse Editions
Crops: Peanuts, Robert Rauschenberg, Graphicstudio
Life’s Balance (with Money), John Baldessari, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
No Way, Glen Baldridge, Haystack
Days: I, Jim Hodges, Highpoint Editions
Untitled (12 Grid), Benjamin Edmiston, Island Press
Ha Ha, Mel Bochner, Jim Kempner Fine Art
Professionally Dry Clean Only, Clothing Tag, Analia Saban, Mixografia
Synapse Arc (ii), Leah Hewson, Stoney Road Press
Storage Tanks at Rondout, Albert Heckman, Susan Teller Gallery
It's All Over Town, Claire Brewster, TAG Fine Arts
SAY A PRAYER, Jeffrey Gibson, Tamarind Institute
Parlay 1, Derrick Adams, Tandem Press