Damien Hirst Prints

Damien Hirst is quite possibly one of the most controversial artists of modern times, if not the history of art itself. He has constantly tried to push the envelope with pieces of work that provoke people, and always ask serious questions. A British artist, he is one of the most famous, and has also had an impact on other aspects of popular culture. He is also a very rich artist, and has a personal wealth that is estimated to be over £200 million.

One of the major themes in Damien Hirst artwork is death. His fame came about when he created a series of works in which animals are preserved in formaldehyde. One of the most famous of these was where he created a tank display that contained a tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde. This piece of work is called The Physical Impossibility of Death in The Mind Of Someone Living.

Famously in 1991 Charles Saatchi offered to fund whichever piece of work Hirst wanted to make, and this led to the shark piece of work. His first major presentation internationally was in Venice, and was called Mother and Child are Divided. This piece of work featured a cow and calf cut into sections and preserved.

In 1995, Hirst won the Turner prize. He received plenty of controversy for this due to the nature of the work that won the prize. He also became more famous this year due to his directing a video for the song Country House by the band Blur. This cemented his position in popular culture.

Hirst has spent most of his life courting controversy, and has been banned from various nightclubs in
the London area, where he had issues due to his addictions, especially in the 1990s.

The Crucifix

Leena Nath Fine Arts


Vogtle Contemporary

Ad te, Domine, levavi (Diamond Dust)

Vogtle Contemporary




Sims Reed Gallery (IFPDA)

Hypnotic Head

Leena Nath Fine Arts

I Love You - Gold Leaf/Turquoise/Oriental Gold

Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

I Love You - White/Black/Fuchsia/Cool Gold

Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

♡ YU 4 EVA pink

Galerie Fluegel-Roncak


Denis Bloch Fine Art


Denis Bloch Fine Art

Psalm - Domine, Ne In Furore

Denis Bloch Fine Art

For the Love of God

Denis Bloch Fine Art

Santiago de Compostela

Denis Bloch Fine Art

Mescaline "Lenticular"

POP Fine Art

I Love You - gold leaf, oriental gold, cool gold

Paul Stolper Gallery (IFPDA)

Tracey Emin - Untitled 1

Tracey Emin

Jealous Gallery