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The American painter and printmaker, Frank Stella is most sighted for his work as a major contributor to the Minimalist movement. However, he too experimented in geometric abstraction.

His earlier works, around the 1950s were based on lose gestural abstraction like that of his predecessors in the New York School (Pollock, Motherwell, Rothko, de Kooning, and Guston). Yet a drastic change occurred in his paintings with a shift to incredibly geometric, highly organized, patterned works developed in a flat manner perfectly demonstrated in his piece Tuxedo Park.

It was during this period as well that Stella began to interlock his geometric shapes, such as in his Irregular Polygon series, which unlike the work that he painted before, allowed for large central fields of colour to overlap in a collage like manner. The use of colour expanded into his work in the 70s and 80s, in his River of Ponds series and the artist’s Moby Dick series, such an example is Hark from the Waves.

Frank Stella made major contributions to modern printmaking, his prints having an intimate relationship with other media such as sculpture and painting. Many Frank Stella prints demonstrate innovative and complex processes of printmaking. Frank Stella started making lithography prints in the 1960s.

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