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Alicia Calbet Biography

Alicia Calbet’s work raises questions about women’s identity through the portrait of machines. Her gears represent all the cultural and historical burdens that weigh on their bodies.

With her series Constructions who not only had to fight for their rights but also against racial discrimination. Calbet combines woodcut with chine-collé and introduces the concept of construction in the montage: each portrait is composed of 9 pieces that could be joined in different order to create different compositions different identities.

Calbet’s “Tecnia” series of linocuts is a metaphor for the Occidental observer’s artificial vision about other cultures. Her “Onna-bugheisa” woodcuts illuminated with inkplay with the contrasts of Japanese culture and are inspired by the ancient samurai warrior women.

Alicia Calbet graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2011. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions in New York.

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