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David Marell is a life long artist, living in Woodstock, NY. He attended Pratt Institute and N.Y.U. “On the Mara, animals were always hunted, but in the past generations, except for poachers, hunting has stopped. Now Land Rovers only carry people with cameras. These fourwheel drive vehicles drive right up to a lion or elephant. The animals don’t seem to notice or care. They don’t heed because it has been many animal generations since guns have fired from the vehicles. Animals resting in the shade or even those on the hunt are unconcerned. They don’t remember. Broken bones bake and bleach in the fiery hot Mara. Life and death happen without guides and tourists interfering. Broken bones bake and bleach in the fiery hot Mara. A female lion appears out the bush, grabs one of thousands of massive wildebeests by the neck, and without a sound, almost with protesting, the wildebeest is lifeless. These animals are not worried about melting glaciers, poachers, encroachers, war, famine, pollution, extinction. These animals are not worried about the future. It is what we have done that endangers the African Animals. We must change ourselves, do the repair.”

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