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Carol Fernandes
1990, Pouso Alegre, lives in Sao Paulo

Images emerged as an object of desire from the first time I held an analog camera when I was little. I exploited this interest through photography and video in order to encompass my curiosities. I instructed myself in artistic learning. I studied the still image. I learned how to make it move it through the observer´s eyes. I let myself to be guided by the subjectivity of my studies. I researched the different ways of working with an image. Using the woodcut technique I investigate images found in the dissolution of life and dream.
My prints condense a mixture of different patterns condensed into a graphic “mist” between the analog and the digital universe.

Main exhibitions
2022 – 14° salão de arte BUNKYO
2022 – Group show “About Monsters”, curator Sylvia Werneck LONA GALERIA

2016 Arte na América Latina séc XX – Julia Buenaventura
2016 Pensamento Visual – Carlos Fajardo
2016 História da arte afro brasileira – Claudinei roberto
2016 Palavra imagem – Gilberto Tomé
2017 Arte contemporânea e outras histórias – Mirtes Marins
2017 História social da arte – Marcos fabris
2017 Desenho, apropriação e xilogravura – Claudio Caropreso
2017 – 2018 Caderno de recortes – Lourenço Mutarelli
2017 – 2018 Xilogravura em cores – Francisco Maringelli
2018 História da arte contemporânea (fundamentos) – Mirtes Marins
2018 Ukiyo-e – Fernando Saiki 2018 Litografia – Valdir Flores

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