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Bruce Lee Webb Biography

Bruce Lee is the co-conspirator and co-creator of Webb Gallery in downtown Waxahachie. He loves hobo lore and train car graffiti. He is a researcher and collector by nature and co-authored the book As Above So Below -Art of the Fraternal Lodge with Lynne Adele and published by the University of Texas Press.
Bruce Lee’s grandparents were missionaries in the mountains of Kerala, South India during the 1930s and ’40s, where his mother was born. In his youth, he was surrounded by their esoteric books and folk art which they brought back to the U.S. These mysterious treasures were Bruce’s earliest inspirations.

Bruce Lee grew up in Dallas where in the 1980’s he discovered the skateboarding and punk rock scenes. It was here that he met his wife, Julie and they quickly began a lifetime of collecting together.
The artists Bruce Lee has encountered along the way have had a profound influence on his own artwork. Bruce Lee has exhibited internationally and finds his work going to collections the world over.

Bruce works every day just about and his paintings are like journal entries. We constantly add new pieces to this page.

“I use my art as a memory vessel for myself and to expose others in a random way to things I am interested in and fascinated by. I am interested in the random factor in art as the road driven down for the first time. I was told by a spirit medium in Lily Dale, New York that my art has the power to heal. I hope it heals others as I know it has healed myself.”

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