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Internationally renowned artist Christian Develter uses oils as an instrument to portray his rich experiences of people and cultures around the world. As a highly versatile artist whose work pushes boundaries, he believes that despite cultural differences and starkly different socio-realities, there is an impact that can be appreciated by everyone. These moments are the trigger of his inspiration.

Christian captures the sense of beauty, individual strength and spirit of his protagonists through careful consideration of line, lighting and geometry. His perspicacious awareness of the power of colour uniquely reveals beneath the surface of each character. At the heart of these works is a search not just for physical beauty but also for the strength of the spirit that embraces and motivates each one of us when looking to icons and celebrities with impact.

The uniqueness of Christian’s work lies in his radical choice of strong colours and mixture of oils and acrylics, often combined with bold shapes. His works are deeply powerful and compelling in the way they capture light and space, translating the artist’s desire to create large iconic works.

Born in 1968 in Blankenberge – Belgium, Christian studied art at Ghent Art School and was trained at the famous Antwerp Fashion Academy (responsible for Dries Van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester), soon to realize his passion for painting exceeded his love for fashion. Always joyful in composition, he presents a radiant kaleidoscope of shapes and forms. His choice to combine rough passion with playful humour and bright colours speaks to the artist’s interpretations of popular fashions and trends.

Each of his iconic works emanate layers of turbulence with impeccable style and sensuality. The approach is highly evocative and emotive, resulting in a visual feast for the observer. His artistic creations offer a clear insight into his working process and influences, for under the modish contemporary façade, lies a classical working approach re-utilizing traditional painting techniques fashioned by the old Flemish Masters. Continuing an ancient tradition by combining it with daring boldness and innovation.

Develter’s world acclaimed works are housed in some of the most spectacular properties and art collections across the globe including that of Royalty. His works are also on permanent display in legendary hotels including that of the Mandarin Oriental – Bangkok and the Belmond Copacabana Palace Hotel – Rio de Janeiro.

The ever-evolving journey of Christian and his creations have gone on to inspire runway collections circling back to Christian’s former passion for fashion and design. Along with international brand collaborations with the likes of Siglo, Samaroli and Stella Artois.

For more information on Christian and his story please contact Alexandra from Curate who would be delighted to share more with you on Christian’s behalf as his global agent.

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