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Bernadette Madden Biography

Bernadette Madden is interested in colour.Her work mainly involves the recall of colours fleetingly seen from a moving car or train, as well as more static images.Her series of mini prints, where the image size is never more than 10 X 10 cm, is an attempt to bring that memory alive in a very small space. She uses a basic screen printing method, with a hand painted resist and usually works on paper.

Madden graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, where she studied Fine Art.

She exhibits widely across the globe and regularly shows in the Royal Hibernian Academy and long established print exhibitions such as those in Kazanlak, Cadaqués, Albuquerque, Barcelona and Cairns. She has had over fifty solo exhibitions; in Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Norway.

Awards include the Macauley Fellowship in Painting and an exhibition grant show in Norway, from the Arts Council.

Her work is in a number of public and private collections, such as the Arts Council,Bank of Ireland,Air Lingus and the Ulster Museum.

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