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Catherine Howe Biography

Catherine Howe’s prints appear to reference 17th-century still life paintings, yet are not about representation or narrative; rather, she says they are exercises in the evocative power of painting as a material. What appear to be flora, figures, and foods dissolve into abstract flurries of brush marks and fields of commingled colors when observed closely. Howe’s use of the carborundum collagraph medium mimics her approach to painting, allowing her to make rapid, deft gestures in thick gel medium.

Catherine Howe is a New York artist with an extensive history of exhibitions and critical success. Her work has been discussed in numerous publications including The New York Times, Artforum, Art in America, Flash Art, Artcritical, BOMB, Whitewall Magazine, il Giornale dell’ Arte, the New Art Examiner, and The Los Angeles Times.

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