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Diyou Yu Biography

Diyou has a training background in drawing, analogue darkroom printing and intaglio printing. She finished her MA Print program at Royal College of Art 2021, and is one of the recipients of Augustus Martin Award upon her graduation. She has exhibited in London and internationally. Participated exhibitions include Summer Exhibition 2022, RA, London; Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021, London; ‘Booked’ International Hong Kong Book Fair 2021, Hong Kong; Artists as Independent Publishers at Weserburg Museum, Bremen.

Diyou’s works have been responding to the impermanent fact of things. Blooming flowers, water, moon, clouds and ashes are recurring motifs in her work, which symbolise the fact of change, and other signifiers have been collected to imply impermanence. The works themselves are also referring to the temporary standpoints of herself when she found the solutions and composures among the inevitable changes. Analogue darkroom printing, etching, drawing, obsolete, relatively repetitive, and time-consuming methods are used to rewrite, translate, and then represent those replicas of tranquil moments to audiences. Diyou’s new prints are records of her recent walk at sunset in the nearby woods and recollection of her previous visit to a rural area near her hometown, which offered her strength to march forward to the coming uncertain future; with the wish to help solidify the collective resilience, the prints are waiting for other encounters with future beholders.

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